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The Bengali’s love for food is legendary. The Bengali people are perhaps the greatest food lovers in the Indian subcontinent. Food is a major part of Bengali culture. Bengali cuisine, its uniqueness, how it has developed through the ages and how it plays an important role in rituals and festivals.

From the 16th-century, Mughal Emperors left their mark on the cooking of Northern India, which to this day is known as Mughlai cooking. With the introduction of Islam, Bengali Muslims adopted dishes such as Kababs, Koftas and Biriany from their Mughal conquerors.

As we know that Old Dhaka is so famous for delicious and mouth watering foods. Such as spicy fragrant Biriany, Polau, the legendary Kababs, Kofta, Korma, spicy yoghurt drink – Borhani, Firni, Jorda etc. These delicacies are famous for its quality and taste and it was highly praised by the Royal court of the Mughal Empire in Delhi. A distinct culinary tradition emerged in Old Dhaka based on the infectious passion for food of the people of Old Dhaka and the availability of local ingredients.

Shahriar Catering based in Old Dhaka is holding that distinct culinary tradition of Old Dhaka people and the passion for their food. It is a very popular name for serving delicious and mouth watering food of Old Dhaka.

Owner Mohammad Shameem started this business 30 years ago and still now it is renowned for its quality food. One will get the touch of Mughals' and Nawabs' taste from our food. We have achieved the “International Mother Language Day – 2008 Award” for supplying quality and authentic food as the only catering service provider. We have specialist Chefs to ensure the quality and authenticity of our food.

If you need to arrange food for your event, or if you are worried about having hassle, or if it is difficult for you to get quality food, you do not have to worry anymore. Because, we, Shahriar Catering, are capable of taking all the responsibilities to arrange quality food for Wedding, Walima, Birthday Parties, Seminars, Bank Closings, Office Openings, Picnics and so on. You can call and give us the order or we will go up to you and take the order.

We are ready to reduce your stress and we are always at your service.

You are always welcome.

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